Mobile AI to boost
Employee Productivity by 2X

Build high-performing distributed workforce and make work enjoyable for your employees and managers with Enalytix AI-based Employee Productivity solution.


Create a perfect employee workday

Track time with Facial recognition

This not only saves time thefts but also saves your team’s significant effort being spent in manual collation of attendance data.

  • Geofenced/Geotagged facial check-ins
  • Automated Leave, Comp Off, Overtime and Attendance regularization workflows
  • Multiple shift management
  • Real-time attendance reports
  • Easy integration with existing payroll systems

Prioritise the right tasks

Use a mobile-based task management to allocate and track task completions, dependencies and bottlenecks.

  • Real-time Task & Priority Assignment
  • Multi-Assigning in a Single Click
  • Auto-Allocation for Repetitive Tasks or Checklists
  • Reminders for High Priority Tasks

Spot real productive time

Know how employees are spending their time. Spot productivity leaks, which helps you give specific feedback to employees to reach their true potential.

  • Smart timer for every task
  • Automated timesheets created when a person completes a task
  • Automated task approval workflows

Get a tangible view
of employee performance

Enalytix makes it easy to add comprehensive work and expense reports for every assigned task. AI algorithms evaluate the quality of output to see how well the task the completed.

  • Easy work & expense report forms
  • In-built approval workflows
  • Audio, video attachment capability
  • AI-based productivity scoring
  • Accurate expense payouts

Keep the communication lines open

Build a great environment for collaboration with chats, automated broadcasts, and your company’s own social community for a more connected workforce.

  • Secure Chats based on check-in status
  • Ability to share documents/ resources
  • Company Broadcasts
  • Social Wall for peer-to-peer collaboration & recognition

Celebrate and motivate employees

Workplace productivity and employee engagement go hand in hand. Enalytix makes it easier to recognise day-to-day accomplishments to keep employees motivated and productive.

  • Real time recognition
  • AI-based nominations
  • Configurable R& R campaigns and budget
  • Easy redemption catalogue
  • Recognition Feeds for visibility to the larger teams

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